Warranty CO.

Dealer Owned Warranty Companies

Unlike any other program we have seen, this nearly 30 year old program is true Dealer ownership of the warranty company.

Without exception, every Dealer we inquired of in the course of our due diligence indicated their only regret was not establishing their own warranty company sooner.

The Dealer can custom design coverages that meet or exceed service contracts offered by the factory.

Not only are the stringent financial safeguards in place, but loss ratios are quite predictable for both domestic and import vehicles.

Your loss ratio is not affected by that of any other Dealer.

Dealer ownership eliminates all problems that have been associated with other non-factory warranty programs.

The Dealer has total control of all cash including reserves and investments.

Indeed, this can be a problem solver of the highest order for Dealers and Service Managers.

Customer satisfaction can be greatly enhanced when there is no longer a need to struggle with having a claim paid

Claim repairs are completed through national auto repair networks and dealerships.

The administrator handles all claims and maintains all records required and audited by the your State's Department Of Insurance, making this a low maintenance endeavor.

We invite you and your CPA to inquire of any dealer that has been on this program for a testimonial.

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