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Menu And Pricing of Employment Screening Services

Florida Menu And Pricing

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  1. National Criminal Records Search $29.50
  2. State Wide Instant Criminal Search: $19.50
  3. County Criminal Search: $19.50
  4. State Driving Records (MVR): $9.65 (includes State Fees)
  5. Social Security Number Trace: $7.50
  6. Drug Testing: $32.00 (Includes cost of collection)
  7. Workers' Comp Claims History Report: $7.50 (Florida)
  8. Credit Report: $12.00 (FCRA Compliant)
  9. Employment Verification: $15.00 Per Employer


There are no sign up fees and no monthly minimums

There are no other charges or fees of any kind.

In order for us to comply with the FAIR CREDIT REPORTING ACT employers must certify to us that they are requesting these reports for employment purposes, will maintain certain records and comply with all employment laws.

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  • National criminal records checks contains records from 38 states, it also includes registered sex offenders in those states.
  • It is always important to run a County criminal records check since about 30 to 40 % of county criminal records are not contained in the state criminal records and to insure the information is the most current available.
  • County criminal records checks requires a manual search of records and takes 12 to 36 hours.


  • No deposits, no monthly minimums, no set up fees.
  • Pay only for what you order.
  • Saves time and money. All reports can be ordered on line.
  • No more waiting on phone or fax.
  • Packages developed specifically for auto dealers.
  • Hire/No Hire can decisions can be reached immediately saving money on ordering unnecessary drug tests, further interviews and other administrative and management time.
  • 100% in-person, real time county criminal record searches which are often far better than out-of-date data bases for criminal records.
  • We offer Unsurpassed hit rates.
  • For more information on the fallacies of low cost background checks: Click Here

Please note that the FDLE Statewide data base report depends on each county to report to them as required by law, only on certain aggravated felonies which means a weapon was involved, serious bodily injury resulted or the crime was in excess of a certain dollar amount.

These crimes are required by law to be reported to the FDLE. However, the counties are not required by law to report less serious crimes or misdemeanors even if they are pleaded down from more serious felony charges.

  • Therefore, many crimes may be not be reported to the FDLE data base at all or they may be reported as much as a year late.
  • However, if you prefer this report, we can obtain it for you from the Florida Department Of Law Enforcement (FDLE) for $29.00.

  • Note On Social Security Number Traces:
  • The social security number trace provides name and address history for the past 10 years associated with the social security number being inquired upon.

Each address will also tell which county the address was in and may also report the date and state of issuance and may also report the the person's age, month, year and date of birth.

Besides helping to insure that the person's name belongs to the social security number reported, it will also show aliases, previous names and dates of birth associated with that number.

This helps employers stay compliant with Department of Labor requirements.


  1. Employers must comply with the provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
  2. The FCRA says you must not use your Dealership's access to Credit Bureaus to run credit reports on job applicants as this is not FCRA compliant since it results in an inquiry related to an application for credit, not employment.
  3. For a list of the employer's responsibilities under the Fair Credit Reporting Act: Click Here
  4. Background check Releases/Authorizations signed by applicants must be separate from employment applications and are subject to FCRA audit.

Please keep them on file for a period of two years in case you are asked to produce them.

For questions regarding Human Resources or employment regulations you may want to contact Jennifer McBennett of Seay Management Consultants at 407-426-9484 or email her.