Garage Checklist

Garage Liability Risk Management Check List

  1. Our safety program covers all the primary hazards.
  2. We have an effective program to prevent slips, trips and falls.
  3. Our Service area is clean and attractive.
  4. We carefully monitor conditions of lots and walkways.
  5. Managers know how to respond to customer reports of injury.
  6. Every employee understands they are required to consistently perform his or her job safely.
  7. All employees know that we allow no "horseplay" at our dealership.
  8. Supervisors closely monitor drug or alcohol problems among our employees.
  9. Our employment handbook is up-to-date.
  10. There is no discrimination in our hiring or employment practices.
  11. All employees know that sexual harassment of any kind is not allowed in our dealership.
  12. Hiring policies are in place to consistently bring good people into our Dealership.
  13. All new hires are thoroughly screened for criminal backgrounds and workers' comp claims history.
  14. Employees know what to do when confronted with hazards.
  15. Supervisors have been trained in sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination within the past year.
  16. Employees know they can freely report sexual harassment without fear of retaliation of any kind.
  17. Supervisors know how to respond to injured employees.
  18. We have explicit policies on safe driving for all employees who drive.
  19. We require certificates of insurance from subcontractors (towing, waste removal...).
  20. If we furnish demos we have a clear and strictly enforced demo policy.
  21. All Claims are reported to insurance carriers immediately.