Oral Fluid Drug Screening (Instant)

ORALscreen is becoming the drug test of choice among many customers in key corporate and public safety markets for several compelling reasons:

  • it takes only fifteen minutes to obtain accurate results and is highly cost-effective;
  • it is less invasive than urine- or blood-based testing;
  • it eliminates the indignities of other forms of drug testing,
  • No off-site handling and chain of custody concerns associated with urine testing;
  • and, as an oral fluid-based product, it is preferred by users and test administrators alike over both urine- and blood-based tests.

The kit includes the ORALscreen collector and test device for Opiates, Cocaine, THC (Marijuana) and Methamphetamines. Methamphetamines will also test positive in the presence of MDMA or the street drug commonly known as Ecstasy.

ORALscreen is packaged in dispensers of 20 kits, which also includes a product insert and product instructional procedure sheet.

The PROFILE®-II device is an FDA 510(k)-cleared one-step test for the rapid, qualitative detection of THC (marijuana), cocaine, opiates, amphetamines and PCP in human urine.

The PROFILE-II device utilizes colloidal gold as the detection system in a competitive binding process.

Cut-off levels for the PROFILE-II follow the DOT cut-off levels, and are as follows:

  • THC (marijuana) 50 ng/ml
  • COC (cocaine) 300 ng/ml
  • OPI (opiates) 2000 ng/ml
  • AMP (amphetamine) 1000 ng/ml
  • PCP (phencyclidine) 25 ng/ml

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