Demo Agreement

Sample Demonstrator Agreement

It is agreed and understood that in consideration of employment, a demonstrator automobile will be provided

It is further understood that the employee's use and possession of the demonstrator is at the sole discretion of Dealership management.

  1. The demonstrator ("DEMO") will be selected by the dealership and will be available for demonstration use and sale at all times.
  2. Only the employee will be permitted to drive the demo.
  3. Extensive trips (100 miles or more one way) will be reported to management beforehand for approval before they are taken..
  4. The demo will be operated in a lawful and safe manner at all times. Traffic violations and chargeable accidents will affect demo privileges. All accidents will be reported immediately.
  5. A salesperson will inspect and photocopy a prospective customer's driver's license and/or credit information prior to demonstrating the vehicle.
  6. A salesperson will accompany the customer on any demonstration ride. Any company owned vehicle will be insured so long as an authorized employee is in the car.
  7. The employee will be responsible for repairs and adjustments beyond normal wear and tear necessary to make the car salable.
  8. The employee will be responsible for any and all insurance deductibles incurred. The employee will be reimbursed if the deductible is collected from another source.
  9. The employee is responsible for keeping the demo in a clean, demonstrative condition.
  10. I agree to pay $__________ per month for limited personal use of the demonstrator.
  11. EMPLOYMENT SEPARATION: Upon termination, whether voluntary or involuntary, agree to return the vehicle to the Dealership immediately. Any unusual damages at the time will be considered my responsibility and I hereby agree to pay said amount from unpaid commissions earned or, if necessary, from my personal account.
  12. This agreement shall apply to any vehicle which happens to be assigned for demonstration purposes or used while I am in company employment.

I hereby acknowledge I have read and understand the preceding demo conditions and agree to abide by them.

Employee Sign: