Garage Liability Insurance

We recognize the importance of having the proper level of liability and property insurance protection for your dealership.

We represent carriers with whom we have direct appointments and we maintain relationships with other Garage Liability Insurance carriers so that we can often provide multiple sources to quote this important coverage.

The Garage Coverage Form is designed to provide both general liability and automobile liability coverages in one form for insureds who operate a garage.

While the CGL has become broader, the Garage form’s liability coverage has not been expanded.

Though it does combine premises liability with products and completed operations liability, there are exclusions and limitations that cause a disparity in coverage.

The key items not addressed in the standard Garage Coverage Form are personal and advertising injury liability, host liquor liability, worldwide liability, fire legal liability, incidental medical malpractice and liability for non-owned watercraft. These items of coverage are usually addressed in a package policy for auto dealers.

Adding the Broadened Coverage – Garage Endorsement to the Garage form closes the gap between the CGL and the Garage policy.

In fact, some coverage aspects of the Garage Form become slightly broader. This endorsement applies only to the liability related to the garage operation(s) and not to any liability involving the ownership, maintenance or use of any covered vehicles.

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If you are changing insurance carriers, it is important to know which policy form you may be moving from or to.

This coverage is generally offered in two different types of policy forms:.

In the “occurrence” form, the bodily injury or property damage must occur during the policy period.

Under a “claims made” policy, the claim must be made during the policy period or during the extended reporting period if that coverage was purchased.

The claim is deemed to be made when notice is received by either the insured or the insurance company.

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