Workers’ Compensation Insurance

We have been providing workers’ compensation insurance to Florida’s new car dealers since 1981.

We were the first agency to offer dealers Paid Loss Retro workers’ comp plans, and we quickly became the largest independent writer of workers’ compensation for new car dealers in Florida.

Because we all have backgrounds in the new car dealer business we have developed a knowledge of the various new car dealer employee classifications that allows us to properly classify employees at the greatest advantage to the dealer.

As a result of this knowledge and understanding of the new car business, we have often been able to save dealers 10 to 20 per cent of their premiums on proper classifications alone.

We also have specific knowledge of how a dealer’s experience modification factors are promulgated.

We make every proactive effort to see that our clients enjoy the lowest experience modification factors possible.

We represent only the best carriers that have competitive programs which are often specifically tailored for the dealer market.

We offer the following plans:

  • Paid Loss Retros
  • Incurred Loss Retros
  • Dividend Plans

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